Written by: Jocelyn Banugon

Pigupianan ni: Ronel Em-blan

Drawing by: Aljon Emblan



There is a man named Espen. His dog is named Rambo.




Wherever Espen goes, Rambo goes with him.




One day Espen went to the store to drink wine with his friends.




Espen got drunk. When he went home, Rambo was still with him.




Because he was very drunk, he did not see that a truck was coming close to him.




Because he was so drunk, he did not hear the shout of the people.




Espen continued to walk. Then he was pushed by his dog to the side.





Because of pushing Espen, it was his dog that was run over by the truck.





Since then Espen would not drink anymore because he was so sorry that his dog died.


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